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I have to declare, that I,m a layman, not a doctor nor a biologist neither a chemist. I,m not an expert of freezing technology. What I say about deep freezing is my personal opinion, that I built up with logic thinking and from the information that is accessible for anybody. I ask you not to believe anything without doubt and proof searching, for anybody including myself. I advise you to go after things and try to create your own opinion with gathering information from irrespective sources. This is what I have done so my point of view is stabile; please only make it your own if you find it authentic. And would like to ask the same from those,who think differently. Have some doubts and go after the information!

One thing is for sure: I have kept it frozen, drunk it defrosted and I,m here. I recovered, I am alive and I feel superb. I,ve been keeping and consuming it frozen since. I believe in it with confidence.

Why frozen? Actually, I think nowadays this question should not be asked.

Since humanity knows the cold,s conserving effect uses it successfully. Vast amounts of deep frozen vegetables, fruits and other food products are in the shops all the time, it is a perfect chemical-free conserving method well known for centuries.

If you read somewhere, that freezing is harmful you can leaf to the next page as there,s no guarantee that the dumb statements are over. Wink

There,s no other interesting and undeniable proof for the good usage of freezing that there,s no other method or opportunity to conserve life. Yes, I mean life. As only freezing makes it possible for the seeds to continue their life after defrosting as it nothing had happened. Only freezing conserves sperms or oocytes, so that they can be used after decades. Do we need better proof for the right of freezing that life can be stopped and carried on with it,s help?

It,s true that these methods are not that simple that we just freeze it and that,s it. For the resurrection of higher life forms well experimented strict protocols, special materials and technologies are essential, but the main point is the freezing. If that didn,t exist the whole thing would fail. Without it doesn,t matter what kind of aid or additives we use it would end up with something we don,t need, a lot "E letter" - amongst them with those conserving agents that we can thank a lot of illnesses, our over acidity for and with good chance our cancer as well.

If there was another option, we wouln,t freeze embryos either. Freezing is the key, this is obvious.

The only question that can come to someone,s mind after reading these lines is the following: Why does the defrosted strawberry or tomato become mushy?

The answer is really simple: water turns into crystals first when freezing before it becomes ice. The sizes and shapes of these crystals are different, depending on the speed of their freezing process. Slower freezing makes bigger crystals, faster makes them smaller. Ice has an interesting attribute, when it defrosts its volume grows first. That,s why a full water-bottle or a garden tap can crack as a car,s radiator or its motor can too without antifreeze.

When a slowly frozen fruit is defrosted, the big crystals of fluid will expand first and will stretch and breach the plant,s tissue structure. On the other hand the fast freezing makes smaller crystals so it won,t harm the plant when defrosting. Fast freezing/deep freezing cannot be slower than 3 centimetres per minute. That means that one minute is enough to freeze a  3 centimetres wide fluid layer.

Life functions are not able to work under a minimal temperature. We can feel that on our skin at wintertime. Deep  freezing basically stops life and the biological decomposition procedure as well. That,s the base of this food-industrial conservation method.

One more thing we have to know. As soon as the plant is detached from the soil it,s dead. All dead plants  start to decompose after a short time, basically it will start to rot. And there are no exceptions even if we put the fruit or the cut wheatgrass in the fridge (5 - 7 Celsius). It will decompose, only slower because of the low temperature. But do not have illusions, after one day in the fridge the wheatgrass will be only a rotten plant. Checking this is easy, you  only have to know the taste of freshly pressed wheatgrass juice and compare it with the few-day-old one....Frown

You can read it on forums that " it,s so terrible I can,t drink it"...well, the rotten juice must be really bad. Out of curiosity I tried out once to put the wheatgrass in the fridge for two days before juicing. Let,s not even talk about it.

In this question where we expect so much from this plant, which actually can give a lot, we shouldn,t allow not even the smallest compromise in the matter of quality.

Yes, it is hassle to freeze, to keep it frozen, to transport, but health would deserve to make this hassle for it, even if this was the hardest way to reach it.




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